Apr 20, 2023

UXN Meetup Aarhus

Join us for an inspiring and interactive UX meetup with some relaxed after-work networking on top. We have selected two sharp topics that will open for some interesting discussions. We are looking forward to views and inputs from all participants. We will conclude the day with some refreshments and cozy UX networking at the inviting premises of the Business Academy Aarhus. Only 50 tickets available!

April 20, 2023 15:15
Erhvervsakademi Aarhus, Ringvej Syd 104, 8260 Viby J
399 DKK (incl. VAT & ticket fees)

More about this meetup

Talk 1

UX design is under pressure in many companies

by Bettina Høiler, Alm. Brand & Martin Ibsen, Syndicate

Join this interactive talk to hear a recipe for a revival and give your input. ”Are you a UX’er and can you nod your head in agreement to the following?

  1. you feel as an overlooked competence that your employer does not get the full potential out of
  2. your role and competencies are believed to only be relevant in a small part of the development process
  3. your organization is failing to understand the importance of user experience

If yes, you are lucky! Why? Because this means there is a lot of potential in you and the important UX role that you represent, that can be converted into great results for your company and your career. In this interactive talk, Bettina Høiler and Martin Ibsen are sharing some main take-aways from joint article about the neglected UX role and the potential hot love affair between UX and agile.

Talk 2

How do you balance customer expectation with the technical reality?

by Jens Hofman Hansen, Vertica

Often there is a large gap between customer expectations and technical reality. Jens Hofman Hansen will tell us about how he, through user studies, has mapped out customer expectations when it comes to product search on ecommerce sites. Search engines are a main feature at every webshop – and one that has the opportunity to engage customers and create better conversion rates! But how do you balance customer expectations with the technical reality you meet in your everyday work? Jens will tell us about sky high expectations, and how he tries to manage them in his projects with clients such as Coop, Louis Poulsen and Brødrene Dahl. How can you test and improve something as complex and technical as your own search engine? Get the best tips at this presentation!

About the contributers

Bettina Høiler

Bettina Høiler is currently working as a senior UX and Service Designer at Alm. Brand Group where her focus is on designing great customer experiences and employee processes within the claim’s areas. She has experience working with design in all parts of the financial industry (banking, insurance, and pension) as well as in consultancy. It is her passion for people and serving them – that led her into the field of UX and Service Design.


Martin Ibsen

Martin Ibsen is an award-winning designer, author, and Product Coach. Martin is an experienced lecturer and teacher with over 12 years of experience creating successful digital products for large and small businesses and start-ups. He helps teams and organizations to innovate, design, and develop digital products. He specializes in Product management (from product vision to product delivery), Product discovery (hypothesis, experiments, and insights), Agile development, design thinking, UX management and product led organization and has helped clients such as LEGO, LINAK, Norlys, among others.


Jens Hofman Hansen

Jens Hofman Hansen has worked professionally with user experience for about 20 years. He has been the lead ux designer on some of the biggest danish e-commerce websites, where the focus is always on helping the customers to choose the right products and take the right decisions. He is the author behind the book “Motiverende design” about persuasive design and he is a popular speaker on topics regarding user experience – often with a commercial perspective. Jens always advocates for incorporating research and knowledge about the user into the design process – both for the users’ but also for the business’ sake.


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