Program committee 2023

Zero unvalidated talks

How we select speakers and talks

At the UX Nordic, all talks, presentations and workshops are validated by our professional program committee. Our mission is to create a quality conference, where all speakers and topics are selected solely with our audience in mind. Our goal is to offer education and inspiration on the highest level, and we don't accept compromises when it comes to our program.

All contributions must meet our criteria for relevance, focus and preparedness. We are also committed to take the very constructive feedback from our audience into account and are constantly striving to improve ourselves.

All talks and workshops will be checked for

  • is the topic relevant for experienced UX professionals? (does it offer something new, a case study or something else that is interesting or inspiring, we don’t want to repeat basics)
  • the information and insights the audience will learn from the contribution
  • is the presentation easy to comprehend (structure, amount of text etc.) and is the talk pleasant to follow?

This is our program committee 2023

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