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Aug 25, 2023

Case Study: Digitalization of applications for nearly 2 billion euro

A fascinating case study about how to design, deliver and continuously improve a digital application

About this session

A case study of the design process behind digitizing the applications for child benefit and cash-for-care benefit for the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (Nav).

This talk touches on both UX in large enterprises (Nav has over 20.000 employees and Norway’s largest in-house design department) and accessibility.

Since every parent in Norway has a right to child benefit, accessibility was a cornerstone of this project - everyone had to be able to apply.

What you expect to learn

You will learn how Nav, one of Norways largest employers used product development methodology to design, deliver and continuously improve a digital application for child benefit and cash-for-care benefit.

You will learn about Nav, their guiding principles, how they think about and working with design, and how they measure success both internally and externally.


Daniel will introduce Nav’s product areas and their strategy moving forward, before introducing the team that since January 2021 worked together to digitize the application for child benefit.

He will talk about how the application process looked at the start of 2021, and then delve into the MVP based design process where we continuously launched the smallest part of the application that we saw would deliver value, before learning from that launch, improving and expanding the application.

Daniel will not only speak about what went well, but also point out where we made mistakes and how the team tried to learn from it.

He will talk about how we gathered insight, both qualitative from real users and case managers, as well as quantitative through various different platforms. At the end he will show some concrete results, and reflect on how they spend the taxpayers money to make better digital services for the inhabitants of Norway.

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