Aug 24, 2023

Workshop 1: How to embed UX & UX research in your (scrum) environment?

This workshop will result in a solid understanding of how to embed UX & UX research in your organisation.

About this session

Create support for UX is an ongoing job. But how to figure out where to start? What are the quick wins vs long term possibilities for your organization?

In 4 steps you will work and learn actively and based on your own company or project.

  1. Use the UX maturity model as part of a 3 layer model: UX vision - UX strategy - UX briefing
  2. Create your current workflow; how does UX work together with others?
  3. Draw your ideal UX workflow
  4. Fill in the UX plan: what are the organization and personal needs to optimize the embedding process for UX? How to schedule the outcomes to create amore professional user centered workflow? Present you plan to others and get feedback on it.

The aim of this day is to step into the shoes of a ux consultant. The outcome is a solid advice for your organization how to embed UX&UX research, which is aligned with your personal UX goals. By following the 4 steps the participant could applied this framework in future UX projects as a ux consultant.

The UX Academy is a Dutch expertise center for UX and is part of the Usability and UX Qualification Board (UXQB)

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