Online Workshop
Aug 24, 2022

Research Without Boundaries - Key Considerations When Conducting International UX Research

A workshop designed to equip you with the information you need when entering international markets.

About this session

This workshop will provide you with the primary knowledge needed to conduct optimized, well-planned international research, regardless of industry or skill level. Insight into how to enter culturally diverse markets, what to consider before entering international studies, and some commonly overlooked areas of importance will be at the forefront of the session.

Host: Nicholas Aramouni, SR UX Researcher with international research experience in technology, education, entertainment and health care

> When this workshop has completed, you will be able to:

> Enter into culturally diverse markets with confidence and a high sense of awareness

> Identify gaps or potential errors in your approach to international markets

> Understand when and how to collaborate with international partners

Who is this for?

This workshop is designed for any UX practitioner, regardless of skill level, who has conducted or would like to conduct international research

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