Aug 24, 2023

Workshop 2: Best practices for responsible product development

Learn the tools and techniques you need to design for sustainable profit and bring a responsible lens to product strategy, design and development.

About this session

Creating products with responsibility and sustainability in mind is becoming more and more important and increasingly often a decisive competitive advantage. This represents a great opportunity for designers to learn new skills in this area - and that’s what you will get in this workshop.

In this Masterclass workshop, you’ll learn tools and techniques to design products with impact in mind.

The workshop includes an introduction to PRE:Sprint, the responsible innovation framework created by Trine Falbe and Tanya Junell. PRE:Sprint is a process designed to help guardrail against unintended harm and to reach internal alignment on the responsible direction within an organisation or team. PRE:Sprint is a timeboxed, 4-step framework that leverages design thinking and expertise in ethical design to bring a responsible lens to product strategy, design and development.

Throughout the day, you’ll be working hands-on and learn-by-doing what it’s like to use the tools that you’re introduced to.

Here are some of the tools and techniques you’ll learn:

  • The principles and value of ethical design
  • How to apply ethical design into your work processes.
  • The PRE:Sprint framework:
  1. How to identify and align on ethical commitments for product development
  2. How to create guardrails and guidelines to help you make responsible decisions in strategy and product development (by using the PRE:Sprint method)
  3. Methods to create alignment on responsible design within a team, an organisation or with clients
  4. How to set up success criteria and measure the effect of ethical design

After the workshop, participants will know how to speak to the value of ethical design and successfully apply ethical design principles in their work. They will also know how to work with the PRE:Sprint framework in their organisation or team.

About the Instructor

Trine has worked with UX for 20 years. She is a consultant, entrepreneur, speaker and author of two books: White Hat UX (2017) and The Ethical Design Handbook (2020). Her dedication to ethical design and innovation always sets the direction in her work.

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