Stage 2
Aug 25, 2023

What to do when your organization grows?

How to sustain your role as a (UX) designer during organizational growth and structural changes

About this session

What you will learn

  • how you can adapt when different organizational stages call for different design approaches and design support
  • how a service design perspective on customer experience may help you sustain your purpose as a (UX) designer in an organization that undergoes radical change e.g., such as an acquisition


Reflections on how to sustain your purpose as a (UX) designer when your organization changes its strategic perspective from “customer experience” to e.g., “economics of scale”.

My open discussion will be based on reflections and experiences from working as a UX and Service Designer for Alm. Brand, a Danish Insurance company, that through acquisitions has grown from being the fourth biggest to the second biggest in terms of market share during 2022.

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