Aug 24, 2023

Workshop 4: Enterprise Design Thinking for Sustainability

Design for the future, today - Understanding the invisible impact of what we are creating through Enterprise Design Thinking for Sustainability

About this session

In this workshop, Sophie Kirk will introduce you to IBMs Enterprise Design Thinking framework and show case how some of the classic activities with a little adjustment and twist can be used so we can adopt a sustainable mindset and frame the problem area within sustainability.

Throughout the day, you’ll be working in diverse groups with a case and get hands on experience with the activities.

This will help you to get both theoretical and practical understanding of the framework as well as an overview of activities you can take back to you own work and hopefully infuse a sustainable mindset in everything you do.

Here are some of the themes and activities you will learn in the workshop:

  • an introduction to Enterprise Design Thinking
  • examples of great user experience, bad planet/people experience
  • methods and activities for observing, reflecting and making with sustainability in mind
  • working in diverse empowered teams and the power of Playbacks

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