Aug 24, 2023

Workshop 5: UX for design of tomorrow’s HMIs

The perspective from a manufacturing company of HMI for many industries.

About this session

About this session

In this workshop we will look at the future trends of HMI. What is the demand in the future? What will the user require for the perfect HMI? What visual expressions will affect the future control panel?

We will look at how HMI has developed through the time up until the recent demand, and how it will affect the future of how HMI will develop.

You will see some cases of complete and complex HMI solutions where a combination of different products makes up the complete solution. In these examples you will see how UX has been one of the primary impacts of the development.

After the presentation you will be in groups, discussing HMI UX and what drives your development.

We will catch up at last of what has been presented and what has been discussed, of how to work with user experience, when developing HMI and control panels.

In this workshop, you will learn:

> User experience impact of HMI design

> Trends regarding design

> What makes the perfect HMI for your industry

> Which questions are important to ask yourself and your customers when designing and developing HMI

When this workshop has finished you got an idea of the importance of HMI development by having user experience in focus. You know what aspects is important to have in mind, and what questions to ask, regarding the development of HMI.

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