Aug 24, 2023

Workshop 6: Mastering iOS Mobile App Design

Guidelines, Collaboration, and Figma Best Practices

About this session

Join an interactive Masterclass Workshop about some key principles of iOS app design.

During this workshop you will learn

  • Key insights from iOS design guidelines to create engaging apps
  • Proven strategies for collaboration between designers and developers
  • Tips for structuring and organizing your Figma files for maximum efficiency
  • Techniques for presenting design guidelines, including colors, typography, icons, and spacing
  • Best practices for presenting components in the design system
  • How to design with auto-layouts
The rainbow panorama walk on top of the ARoS art Gallery in Aarhus

During this one-day workshop, Marta Mielcarek will take you through some hands-on learnings and concrete examples which you immediately will be able to use if you design of iOS!

This workshop will take place on the top floor of the ARoS Art Gallery next to the main Conference venue - with a unique view on the skyline of Aarhus.

And of course there will be time to take the famous rainbow panorama walk during the break :)

With her background in Computer Science, Marta is passionate about achieving great designs through effective teamwork. She specialises in UI Design and iOS, and is currently UX Team Lead at intent in Poland.

Marta also works as a tutor for Hyper Island in Sweden.

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