Dr. Yiota Demetriou

Dr. Yiota Demetriou

Head of UX Design and Research

Experienced UX Researcher, Award-winning Product Designer, Educator, and Content Creator


Dr. Yiota Demetriou

Dr Yiota Demetriou is the Head of UX Design and Research at Lyfta, an award-winning ed-tech company that revolutionises learning through captivating and transformative cinematic 360° interactive learning environments. Her expertise stems from an interdisciplinary academic and creative background. She holds a PhD from Bristol University, where she formerly served as a lecturer in Theatre and Performance. Additionally, she has held teaching and research positions at UWE, Bristol, Bath Spa, and Brunel universities across Creative Computing, UX design, Creative Writing, Contemporary Art, Digital Cultures, and Theatre.

Beyond her technical expertise, Yiota is a storyteller, as evidenced by her selection as part of the London Library Emerging Writers Programme in June 2023.

Standing out among 1,400 entries, she is currently penning her matrilineal memoir, “4757 Miles from Home.” This literary endeavour reflects her ability to weave personal narratives with broader societal themes.

Yiota’s artistic portfolio is at the intersection of art and technology, exploring innovative ways to tell stories and engage audiences with felt narrative experiences. Her interactive performance, “Love Letters,” has captivated audiences at renowned international art spaces, including the Latitude Festival and the Museum of Broken Relationships. The piece invited participants to immerse themselves in a collection of past audience letters, fostering a sense of shared human experience.

Her passion for immersive storytelling led her to pursue “What Gives Us Goosebumps?” her project supported by Arts Council England, which delved into the potential of Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) to enhance interactive storytelling, game design, and performance, pushing the boundaries of audience engagement.

Demetriou’s artistic practice extends beyond performances and writing to tangible creations such as her award-winning artist’s book (book object), “To You.”

This limited-edition paper-based heat and touch-sensitive book explores the themes of love and loss through a unique sensory experience, inviting readers to engage with the book’s content on a physical level. The book’s recognition includes shortlisting by Communication Arts in California and an award by RE-LOGIA. Its captivating nature has attracted international acclaim, leading to acquisitions by international readers, book and art collectors, acclaimed libraries, and galleries. Its educational value has been recognised by university courses worldwide in Design, Contemporary Art, Creative Writing, and Printmaking. Additionally, “To You” garnered media attention through features on BBC Radio and The Bookseller, and it was exhibited in the Bodleian Library’s Sensational Books curated exhibit.

Yiota’s artistic and professional endeavours have transcended boundaries, resulting in diverse publications across creative, tech-related, and academic domains. Her work has been published in acclaimed journals, book chapters, and Think Tank blogs, showcasing her multifaceted expertise and ability to connect with diverse audiences.

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