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UX Nordic Award 2024

the ux nordic award - sponsored by vertica

The winner will be announced 28 August

What it takes to win the award - The UX Nordic Award goes to the digital UX project that best puts the user in focus, all the way from the initial studies to the finalized solution.

The three criteria (weighted at one third each) to be included in the nomination are:

  • Process/method
  • Solution
  • Results

Participation in 2024 is free of charge.

the deadline for submissions Was 14 june 2024

No more submissions possible

The submissions has to include the following components


A brief Video Presentation and Visualisation

Create a visual presentation of the solution. The visualisation can be a video or screencast of max. 90 seconds. Present the final product as well as some stages during the development including how you started.

Appendences are not required but allowed. If you do submit an appendence, it must be no longer than 5 pages.


Description of the process/method

Submit a short written description of what challenge you wanted to solve and why you found this issue relevant to address.

We are curious about the hypotheses you developed, your choice of methodology, what the research phase looked like, but just as much what you learnt along the way and how it influenced the design process.


Description of the solution

Submit a short written description of the solution and why it is creative, original and innovative.

Furthermore, explain why the form and function must match the needs of the target group. Please describe the insights behind the final solution design and how these have been incorporated into the final solution design.

It is an advantage if the solution relates to one or more of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. But it is not a requirement.


Description of the results

Submit a short written description of the results you have established so far.

Here, we emphasise a proven impact that supports that you have solved the original challenge. The impact can be in terms of value for the user, such as functional or social value. It can also be business value such as financial profit. It is a requirement that digital solution has been launched or relaunched within the last 2 years. The UX solution can be an completely new design, but can also be a new sub-feature or an optimisation of an existing design.

UX Nordic Gala Evening

A Message from Simon Talbot

This year, renowned Comedian Simon Talbot will be featuring the UX Nordic Gala Evening where the winner of the 2024 Award will be announced.

The Jury

UX Nordic Award 2024

Nikolaj Borchorst

Jury Member 2024
UX Nordic Award 2024

Peter Gregersen

Jury Member 2024
UX Nordic Award 2024

Jens Hofman Hansen

Jury Chair 2024
UX Nordic Award 2024

Nicolai Hope Møller

Jury Member 2024
UX Nordic Award 2024

Helle Jensen

Jury Member 2024
UX Nordic Award 2024

John Le

Jury Member 2024
UX Nordic Award 2024

Julie Ravn-Nielsen

Jury Member 2024
previous awards

Hall of Fame

Winner 2023
Storebrand – Storebrand Bedriftsveilederen

The process of establishing pension and insurance programs for businesses can be slow, complicated and not necessarily thrilling as a user. Storebrand decided to address this problem with innovation by creating the solution that has earned them a nomination for the UX Nordic Award 2023 – Storebrand Bedriftsveilederen. Through automation of a previously manual process and with the help of customer feedback Storebrand challenges the industry status quo with good results.The user-friendly solution has been proven to drastically reduce the time and effort related to the purchase of business pension and insurance programs.The teams’ commitment to implement user studies, willingness to challenge existing practices and attempt to encourage a behavioral change is – amongst other things – the reasoning behind them being named a finalist.

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