UX Nordic Award 2023

the ux nordic award is sponsored by vertica

Starting 17 April

The UX Nordic Award honors a design team behind a digital solution that enhances the experience of a product, service, or brand. As an employee, partner, or friend you can nominate a company to win the UX NORDIC Award 2023.

The chances of winning increase if the solution
  • addresses a real problem and is built on user research
  • gives an extraordinary, user-centric digital experience
  • has had significant impact and effect in its domain
  • is sustainable or pushes sustainability to a new level
  • is innovative and based on creativity
  • balances used resources vs. results
  • has been launched, relaunched or enhanced within the last two years

The above UX assessment criteria for the 2023 UX Nordic Award have been defined in cooperation with Vertica. On top of that, Vertica will conduct oversight with the jury, consisting of highly skilled UX experts from all over Scandinavia. Nomination for the UX Nordic Award opens in April 2023. Follow UX Nordic on LinkedIn, if you want to be kept up-to-date.

You can participate in the UX Nordic Award 2023 with your team from 17 April 2023. You can then find more specific information about how to participate on this page.

Contact for queries:
Jens Hofman Hansen, Vertica

Tickets for the UX Nordic 2023 are available now!