Helena Zilmer Levison

Helena Zilmer Levison

Host & Moderator

Helena is an active community builder in Copenhagen and the founder of CPHUX.


Helena Zilmer Levison

Helena Zilmer Levison is known as The Queen of UX. She is actively working on raising the industry standard of UX. Since 2016 she has been an active community builder in Copenhagen. Starting the international chapter of Ladies that UX in Copenhagen and later on starting CPHUX to impact the industry and help UX professionals. She has organized and facilitated 350+ events focused on UX. On the side, she is working as a fitness class instructor and starting tufting for a physical creative outlet. You'll most likely find her smiling, engaged in conversation at UX Nordic, but always welcoming questions and new additions to her network 😉 So come and say hi 😊

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