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30 August (full day)

Add-on Workshop:
Inclusive UX Research

An immersive and uniquely designed UX Workshop about Inclusive Research

If research is part of your work and you would like to sharpen your skills when it comes to inclusive user testing and analysis, this gamified full-day workshop is what you were looking for!

This workshop is ideal for designers, researchers, product managers and anyone else engaged in or thinking of conducting research who seeks to enhance its inclusivity.

Location: dypång NAT (in Aarhus, close to the UX Nordic main venue)

Duration: full-day

Options: add-on to either the Conference Standard or Plus Ticket

About the Workshop and the Game

In this workshop, we delve into the insights gained from our latest comprehensive study on inclusive research.

Our focus is on understanding how to foster inclusivity within the research discipline and profession, catering to everyone involved, from moderators to participants.

These research findings lay the foundation for an engaging game designed to eliminate initial barriers to experimentation in research projects and promote inclusivity.

Participants will gain valuable knowledge on:

  • Refining their research practices with practical tips
  • Adopting an outcome-oriented approach to research in a tangible manner
  • Embracing the experimental application of design methodology to research
  • Testing and enhancing the accessibility of research methods, weaving inclusion into the very fabric of research.

Set in a unique and atmospheric venue in Aarhus, this workshop offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to not only acquire new skills and tools alongside fellow UX experts, but also to immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind experience that engages light, darkness, and various sensory elements.

This workshop can be purchased together with either a Standard or Plus Ticket (but not as a stand-alone product).

Lunch is included.

This quality workshop is presented in collaboration with Cosmic velocity

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