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Aug 25, 2023

Continuous UX Improvement – Small Details, Big Impact

Experience Salling Group Digital’s journey going from feature-driven to improvement-focused, along with concrete examples of tests and methods.

About this session

About this webinar


Optimizing and delivering the best e-commerce experience is the end goal of many companies – often with a feature-driven approach, where more features equal a better experience. In the early phases, the features are often what drives biggest leaps towards increased sales. But what do you do, when you have grown heavily and suddenly experience a saturation in new features or a slow development in the order backlog, despite large investments to bring the top-of-the-line ecommerce experience?

This is the tipping point, where it is not all about delivering new features but improving the existing functionality and cleaning up the touchpoints.

The new focus suddenly switched to continuous improvement, where small wins make a big business impact. Where data beats opinions and where a design change with a 1% increase in the conversion rate can yield happier customers and return millions in revenue – while having the same marketing budget.

Continuous improvement becomes fundamental in enterprise setups. Finding the needle(s) in the haystack, where the customer journey can be optimized even just a little.

As one of Denmark’s largest e-commerce setups, we need to develop the right solution, and preferably the first time - but with A/B testing, a large user panel and a solid data foundation, we can speed things up and find the right design, before the development is scoped.

What you will learn

• Hands on experience from one of the largest Danish companies and how continuous improvement is being executed in an enterprise ecommerce setup, involving multiple brands and touchpoints.

• Concrete examples of continuous improvements

• How to engage the entire organization and spread the mindset of ‘optimizationis key’

• Concrete tips on how to convince your boss of design changes.

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