28. August 2024

Workshop Day

Full-day workshops - 100% in English - certificate upon completion

Choose your favorite topic

If you opt for a Conference Plus Ticket, you are elligeble to select one of the following workshops for your first conference day. Please note that workshops are only selectable as long as there are free seats available.

Jared Spool
Center Centre
UX Metrics
Aug 28, 2024
8:40 am

Workshop 1: Outcome-driven UX Metrics

Measuring your users’ actual experience

Cara Lam
NBC Universal
Sarah Thompson
Live Neuron Labs
UX Writing
Aug 28, 2024
9:15 am

Workshop 2: How to Write UX Copy That Makes a Difference

Use Behavioral Science and Localization Strategies to Improve UX Writing

Vitaly Friedman
Smashing Magazine
Design Patterns
Aug 28, 2024
9:15 am

Workshop 3: Smart Interface Design Patterns

The UX Designer Survival Kit

Peter Gregersen
UX Sketching
Aug 28, 2024
9:15 am

Workshop 4: UX Sketching

from low-fi paper doodles to hi-fi AI prototypes.

Yasmin Semlali
IMPACT Commerce
Elin Linding Jørgensen
IMPACT Commerce
Sustainbaility for Commerce
Aug 28, 2024
9:15 am

Workshop 5: Changing Commerce for the Better

How to assist users in making sustainable choices

Şeyda Ülgen
Design Patterns
Aug 28, 2024
9:15 am

Workshop 6: Safeguards for using AI

How to prevent harmful scenarios in AI-powered products

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