Aug 28, 2024

Workshop 3: Smart Interface Design Patterns

The UX Designer Survival Kit

About this session

About this webinar

Roll up your sleeves — it’s time to brush up your UX skills! How would you architect an effective enterprise-grade table? How would you deal with intricate forms, filters and search UX? How do we design effective and accessible data visualizations? And how do we design better AI experiences for our customers, while respecting digital sustainability and inclusive design?

In this brand new workshop with Vitaly Friedman, we’ll cover all of it — with real-life UX challenges and 100s of practical examples and patterns that you can apply to your work right away. Get ready: you’ll sail uncharted waters, design truly complex interfaces and receive feedback from people around the world. Plus: you’ll get a UX certificate for all your hard work as well.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Design patterns for complex multi-level navigation (6–7 levels) in a large organization with sideways navigation, navigation queries, scope design and mega-dropdowns — on mobile and on desktop.
  • Enterprise-grade tables for complex applications, with inline editing, filtering, sorting, search, imports, exports, integrations and modals.
  • Advanced search and autocomplete UX, with layout and interaction design, when to show/hide suggestions, search query iteration, autocomplete blindness, faceted search, type-ahead pattern, keyboard navigation,
  • Complex filtering, auto-apply vs. manual apply, filtering overlays, filtering and sorting intervals, tagging and smart previews, tap/type-ahead pattern, filter presets, sorting and pagination UX.
  • Complex multi-page forms, with form layout, error recovery, inline validation, routing, conditional reveal, disabled states, autocomplete UX, conditional reveal.
  • Data visualization and charts, how to choose charts, how to design honest and effective charts, incl. formatting, color palettes, legends, formatting, tables and interactive filters,
  • Design patterns for expert interfaces and B2B, with advanced features, visual indicators, customizable widgets, complex business logic, enterprise products, legacy systems, keyboard shortcuts, query constructors and 3rd-party integrations,
  • Sustainable UX, incl. design patterns, presets, defaults, data collection, archiving, deletion, exporting and how to measure digital sustainability,
  • Designing for AI, with AI presets, contextual suggestions, temperature knobs, invisible clustering, scoping, personalization, agents and how to design better AI UIs,
  • Accessibility of complex interfaces, with UX considerations, colorblindness, designing for older adults, children, people with autism, dyslexia, dyscalculia, WCAG 2.2 compliance and EU Accessibility Act,
  • 100s of real-life examples, government and university websites, trip planners, financial services, eCommerce, online banking, configurators, insurance and mortgage calculators, data grids and enterprise products,
  • Product designer’s toolkit, with useful Notion templates, Miro boards, Figma plugins and UX workshop kits for design and UX research,
  • Checklist for complex UIs, with guidelines and decisions to consider when designing any component in a complex setting.
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