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Aug 28, 2024

Workshop 1: Outcome-driven UX Metrics

Measuring your users’ actual experience

About this session

About this webinar

Outcome-driven UX Metrics is a radical approach to creating strategic UX metrics that raise your team’s visibility and increase UX leaders' influence. When you use Outcome-driven UX Metrics, you’ll directly track the user experience improvements your team makes.

Outcome-driven UX Metrics focus you, your team, stakeholders, and executives on improving your customers’ and users’ lives. These improvements are so exceptional that customers immediately see the enhanced value, and users see increased benefits.

You’ll uncover how you'll:

  • Align Your Teams to Great UX with UX Outcomes
  • Reach Your Objectives with Your UX Success Metrics
  • Achieve Key Results with Your UX Progress Metrics
  • Eliminate the Costs of Poor UX with Problem-Value Metrics

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