Aug 28, 2024

Workshop 2: How to Write UX Copy That Makes a Difference

For designers, writers and researchers: Use Behavioral Science and Localization Strategies to improve your writing

About this session

About this webinar

This workshop is intended both for UX Writers and Designers who would like to enhance their writing skills.

The workshop consists of two parts and covers two crucial, yet often overlooked aspects of UX Writing.

Regardless of your role as a product designer, researcher, product manager, or UX writer, you’ll leave these workshops understanding more about the power of words and how they can influence user behaviors.

This workshop consists of two topics:

  1. Boost your writing with behavioral science: Learn how to write compelling copy by understanding the cognitive biases and unconscious motivators that influence your users.
  2. Localizing your product: Learn about the processes and tools a company needs to properly translate and localize a product for audiences in different countries.

Exclusively tailored for UX Nordic, this workshop offers hands-on exercises and insightful discussions that you will use in your future everyday work.

A co-creation of Sarah Thompson And Cara Lam

Part 1: Boost your writing with behavioral science (by Sarah Thompson)

How can you better predict what will grab users’ attention? What will engage them? And how they’ll interact with your designs?

Users aren’t rational (spoiler: none of us are). Yet, we often write content and design experiences as if they are! We forget that users are driven by unconscious motivators and over 180 cognitive biases. That’s why so much of our content goes unnoticed, unread and unused.

In this workshop, Sarah will share the latest insights from behavioral science, and a simple model for how you can apply them to optimize your UX writing.

You’ll develop the UX writing and design skills to:

  • Identify user barriers to action
  • Remove these barriers
  • Add rewards to maximize engagement
  • Overcome common cognitive biases

In the end, you’ll be able to consistently design more clear, engaging and meaningful copy for all of your UX work.

Part 2: Localizing your product (by Cara Lam)

Expanding your product globally is much more than just translating words from one language to another. Do the words make sense for different cultures? Are the translated texts going to fit in the small mobile screen? Do people in different countries say things in the same way?

Probably not! When localization is done as an afterthought, mistakes happen. And the worst scenario? The user experience is compromised, making users leave your product.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • about the importance of translation and localization,
  • what to consider when defining scope for a project,
  • how big companies like Instagram handle localization,
  • hands-on experience in writing translation notes, and
  • best practices for writing for a global audience.

You’ll leave the workshop understanding how to identify common localization mistakes and how to fix them, as well as equipped with tooling ideas and document templates that you can use to establish the localization practice in your organization.

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