Aug 28, 2024

Workshop 6: Safeguards for using AI

How to prevent harmful scenarios in AI-powered products

About this session

About this webinar

Explore how you as a product designer, user researcher and/or an AI practioner can proactively drive safe and ethical usage of AI-powered products, preventing potential harm through intentional decisions, cross-functional collaboration, early actions, and mitigations. This interactive workshop combines the abusability framework and design thinking methodologies to help us identify real-life examples of harmful scenarios in AI-powered products.

What you can expect to learn:

  • How to create collaboration opportunities across job families to drive safe use of AI
  • How to work together with applied scientists to drive detection mechanism when harmful scenarios take place.

BONUS: The attendees will receive a link to a workshop template designed and practiced by the host. So you can use it in your own organization when faced with similar challenges.

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