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Aug 29, 2024

Design Your Work for Better Design Outcomes

The UX of UX: Organization Transformation and Personal Effectiveness

About this session

About this webinar

Irene Au is best known for her influential work at companies like Google and Yahoo, where she built human-centered design organizations at their inception and elevated their strategic importance to the companies.

In this talk, Irene will share the challenges she faced and specific strategies and tactics she employed to overcome these obstacles. She will also discuss common problems startups and large companies alike encounter when it comes to design and share practical advice for how designers and user researchers can transcend these challenges in their own workplace, thereby becoming more effective advocates for better design.

In this talk you will learn:

  • How to be influential without direct power or authority
  • How to best inspire, incite, and inform change through user research
  • How to navigate executive design reviews successfully
  • How to influence decisions at the highest level of the company
  • How to instigate change without a direct mandate from the CEO

This session is specifically relevant for:

  • design leads
  • design managers
  • design directors
  • design executives

but also for other UX professionals with a few years of experience and who want to gain more influence

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