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Aug 25, 2023

Handling conflicting UX Goals

Hands-on examples and lessons learned from balancing brand awareness and online conversion on B&O’s global website

About this session

What you will learn

• inspiration from hands on examples of how Bang & Olufsen dealt with the challenge of being asked to chase different (and sometimes conflicting) business goals.

Throughout the talk I’ll focus on the bumps we faced throughout the journey while summing up on the most valuable lessons learned along the way.

Most lessons will revolve around stakeholder management, collaboration across departments, finding clarity around a common strategy, how to stay data driven (while experimenting with what data should drive what), zooming in and out of the user experience and lots of trial and error.


True omnichannel, seamless user journeys, conversion optimisation, lead generation. You name it. There is an abondance of important goals for UX designers to strive for when wanting to create the most effective digital experiences for consumers. Many goals go hand in hand - conversion optimisation is often achieved by improving overall user journeys across channels. All good. But how do we handle the challenge of working towards conflicting goals? Take new users entering our website. Do we lead them straight to the products we want to sell the most, or do we welcome them by introducing our core values, dazzling them with inspiring copy, beautiful artwork and engaging experiences?

In this talk I’ll share how the .com team at Bang & Olufsen approached these challenges, while giving hands on examples of how we managed to lift brand awareness, while driving conversion and lead generation.

I’ll share how we increased our focus on online behavioral shifts lead by the younger target audiences, how understanding customer expectations helped us sharpen our overall communication, and how we were able to cater towards the complex diversity of customer goals while staying consistent across user journeys.

Authenticity has been a guiding principle throughout our journey. A journey with many bumps on the road. By presenting the lessons we learned along the way, we hope to spark a discussion about how we can and should handle seemingly conflicting UX goals going forward.

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