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Aug 29, 2024

In AI we trust… or not?

How to get your users to trust your AI powered product

About this session

About this webinar

This session is all about designing Al products under difficult conditions and how AI can be introduced to users in a trustworthy way.  By taking the example of our key user group: seasoned experts in patent searching, we will delve into some of the challenges currently facing designers, researchers and UX the industry at large when designing Al products.

We are going to address the following challenges around how to get users to trust your AI driven product:

  • How to explain how your Al product works: The sweet spot for applying explainable Al (XAI) with diverse users.
  • How to get users to use the Al product? How and when do we introduce Al into our products so we don't alienate users?
  • How to teach users to use the Al product correctly? Al doesn't always look & work like chatGPT & other common challenges when introducing a new Al product to your users. How getting consistently good results leads to trust.
  • How to get users to trust your Al product? Make the product transparent & give users a sense of control: techniques for turning an opaque black box into a white box via training. Make the Al fair: Should you train the Al on your key user group or the general public?

If you are working with an AI powered product or are about to add AI to it in the future, this session will give you valuable insights and food for thought.

This session is suitable for UX professionals of all levels of seniority.

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