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Aug 25, 2023

Juggling the impossible demands of modern web design

An overview of the most important web requirements today

About this session

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Web design has never had so many requirements: On-brand, accessible, inclusive, SEO-friendly, scalable, responsive, environmentally sustainable and… oh yeah, on-budget. How can your team possibly pull these off and still give the end user a great experience?  

Fortunately, while the number of requirements has increased, there's a silver lining: Many aspects of web design have become more standardized to handle this new level of complexity. Noticing these recurring patterns and sticking to best practices in critical areas of the design process allows us to avoid headaches down the line and free up our time to focus on getting the end user a great digital experience.

What you will learn

  • What are the most important web requirements today
  • Which aspects of these requirements fall within our responsibility as designers
  • Concrete examples of best practices being used to address these requirements
  • A checklist of advice and tips for each step of the design process to ensure you have the essentials covered on your next project

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