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Aug 29, 2024

The Strategic Future of UX

Bringing UX into the Modern Enterprise

About this session

About this webinar

The Evolution of UX: From Interface Design to Strategic Transformation

Exploring the Expanding Role of UX in Today's Industry

In this 20-minute session, Michael McKay will delve into the transformative journey of User Experience (UX) from its traditional focus on product UI to a broader strategic role within the technology industry.

We'll explore the dual-level integration of UX into product trios, addressing not only the development of individual products but also shaping overarching product suites in collaboration with business owners, product managers, and tech architects.

We will discuss the 'enterprise design ladder,' a framework for Design professionals to ascend from influencing product design to reshaping company culture through strategy and transformation.

The talk will also highlight the pivotal role of mindset in fostering a culture conducive to innovation and the unique position of designers as agents of change, embedding business value and cultural transformation within their daily contributions to product teams. Join us to discover how UX is redefining its impact on both the micro and macro scales of industry operation.

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