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Aug 25, 2023

Trust the Process: Integrating UX research for configurable software

How to share useful user insights if every time you meet a user, you see a different solutionto the same product

About this session

In this talk, I want to share some tools and tips that I have learned doing user research for configurable software at Stibo Systems.


At Stibo Systems, we are developing systems in which have layers of complexity dealing with multi-domain data systems and different industry requirements. Building personas and using research insights to design solutions seem to get lost in the middle of technical requirements and edge use cases that need to be considered. In a field of experts and customization, complexity become the king. So, where does User Research fits in all of this?

As User Researchers, we strive to give voice to the user and prepare the teams to work on a more user-driven but how to share useful insights if every time you meet a user, you see a different solution to the same product? Finding patterns and creating a scalable set of recommendations becomes just one more challenge in the middle of resistance from stakeholders that might have information from another source.

In this scenario, UX research can help breaking the silos and bring value in making sense of the mess to bring the team together for alignment. In this talk, I want to share the tools I have been using at Stibo Systems to help finding patterns of behaviour and tips about how to increase the influence of UX research’s value within product teams.

What you will learn

- How to do User research for configurable software

- Building and using a research repository

- Increasing the influence of UX research in product teams

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