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Aug 26, 2022

UX metrics for sustainable digital innovation

Why awareness about the strategic importance of metrics are key attributes of a mature UX design team.

About this session

The use of metrics is essential in both the research and design process of the user experience domain. The awareness about its strategic importance, its wise deployment with systemic thinking, are key attributes of a mature UX design team and responsible business.

It helps us, UX professionals, to measure and evaluate assumptions about uncovered opportunities and generated ideas. It gives us more certainty about the user/customer needs, performance, preferences, and potential value. In addition, it allows designers and other actors to argue more objective viewpoints and to reach more informed decisions that favour not only business but other ecosystems' entities as well.

In his presentation Andriy will address the 'Why, How and What' of this topic. He will shine a light on the approach and set of UX metrics to consider in a business strategy for more sustainable digital innovation.

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